"Dr. Cuenin and his staff are the BEST!  All three of my children have received his orthodontic care and the results are amazing!  The kids loved going to their appointments and seeing Dr. Cuenin and his staff.  I also received Invisalign treatment as an adult and I love my results.  Dr. Cuenin and his staff really care about their patients.  I would not go to anyone else!"  Danielle


"Dr. Cuenin is an amazing Orthodontist.  I never had braces as a child and decided to straighten my teeth as an adult.  He was easy to work with and made me feel very comfortable throughout the process.  His treatment plan was detailed and he delivered on time with an amazing result.  The office is ALWAYS on time if not early for every appointment and all the staff are extremely friendly and informative.  Dr. Cuenin is now working on both of my children's teeth and recently finished my eldest daughter.  Dr. Cuenin opened up her smile and her teeth look incredible.  We are very happy with the results!  Dr. Cuenin's attention to detail is amazing and his demeanor with the kids is off the charts."  Debi


"Our family would highly recommend Cuenin Orthodontics to any other family considering orthodonture work.  From the moment we walked into the office, it was apparent that this operation was run like a Swiss clock.  We are always welcomed with smiling, friendly and efficient office staff.  The visits are brief and always on time.  Dr. Cuenin is professional, knowledgeable and a pillar in our local community.  His attention to detail and concern for each individual patient is amazing.  We have had three sets of orthodonture work, from braces to Invisalign, and each member of our family had their own set of challenges for corrective work.  Dr. Cuenin thoroughly reviewed the possibilities and options for the most effective solution.  He worked with our dentist and presented our cases to his orthodontic study club to make sure each of us received the best and most individualized comprehensive care possible.  We have all been rewarded with beautiful smiles!  Thanks Dr. Cuenin!"  Denise


"I am one of Dr. Cuenin's more "mature" patients and an unusual case in that teeth were not my issue.  Jaw surgery to remove a tumor left me with a totally misaligned bite.  Dr. Cuenin was the only orthodontist my surgeon recommended in my complicated case.  I could not be happier with the result - a corrected bite and straight teeth!  An added bonus - Dr. Cuenin's staff is also incredible!"  Diana


"Finally, our entire family is now done with our Adventures in Orthodontics.  It started with me, Dad, in 2005 at age 43.  I was delighted, not only with the results, but with the three years of great service and people at Cuenin Orthodontics.  My wife was so happy with my teeth, and Dr. Cuenin, that she decided to get braces also.  Finally, our daughter, Jaz, has finished her time with her teeth in "titanium chains".  As expected, spectacular results, and a wonderful staff.  It is always a pleasure to show up a bit early, and they, in turn, would try to get you in early.  We could not recommend them more."  Brad


"Dr. Cuenin has treated three of my children and over all the years his practice has been the epitome of professionalism.  He is a wonderful orthodontist, skilled, kind, attentive to every detail and truly cares for the well being of his patients.  His office staff is helpful and they make sure that you are well taken care of.  Dr. Cuenin is extremely respectful of your time and is always punctual.  I am really impressed with how he runs his practice and would highly recommend Dr. Cuenin.  We love our kids beautiful smiles!"   Claudia

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